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Update Log

July 31, 2012: Instructions posted on how to register onsite.
June 26, 2012: Instructions posted on how to correct student-rate to author-rate.
June 12, 2012: Registration is now open via EDAS.  See How to Register.
June 11, 2012: Late registration fees updated.
June 6, 2012: Registration site set up is delayed. Author deadlines pushed back appropriately.

Onsite Registration

  • Onsite registration will be made available via EDAS. Please have your EDAS ID ready for registration. If you do not have an EDAS ID, the student volunteers at the registration desk will be able to assist you in creating one.


  1. Each paper (extended/regular/poster) must have at least one author who has paid an Author registration fee (see below).
  2. For Authors presenting multiple papers, one registration is valid for up to two of their own authored/co-authored papers.
  3. The Author registration fee is equivalent to the Full (Member/Non-member) Fee.
  4. Students who are authors must register at Full fee instead of Student fee, unless another co-author also registers at Full fee.
  5. In order to guarantee that your paper will appear in the hard copy of the proceedings, you should register before Author registration date (see below). Author registrations can appear after this date, but there would be no guarantee that the accompanying paper will appear in the proceedings. Papers for which there is no Author registration at all will not be published as part of MASCOTS 2012.
  6. Extra pages for main track papers (up to 2 extra pages) and poster papers (up to 1 extra page) are charged at $150 per page, payable as part of the associated Author registration.


Co-authors or other attendees who are not authors, are also welcome. Please choose the appropriate fee from the table below.


Category Dates Fee Type
Author registration June 12-June 28, 2012 Full, Member or Non-member
Advance registration June 12-July 9, 2012 Full or Student, Member or Non-member
Late/On-site registration July 10-Aug 9, 2012 Full or Student, Member or Non-member


All fees are in US dollars.

Type Advance Late/On-site
Full, IEEE Member $680 $820
Full, Non-member $850 $1020
Student, IEEE Member $400 $480
Student, Non-member $500 $600

How to Register

(June 12, 2012) Registration is now open via EDAS. Login to EDAS (you may have to create an account in EDAS if you do not have one). Select the Register menu tab at the top to get a list of conferences and search for MASCOTS’12.  Select the CONF event type to register, and choose the appropriate registration type under the CONF event type.

Authors: Please remember to register for the EXTRAPAGES event type to pay for the extra pages included in your camera-ready version.  Choose the appropriate registration type — 1EXTRAPAGE or 2EXTRAPAGES — depending on whether you owe payment for 1 extra page or two extra pages.

How to Make Correction of Student-rate to Author-rate

(June 25, 2012) Revisit EDAS registration page and select the appropriate registration type under the CORRECTION event type: STAUME for member rate and STAUNM for non-member.  This payment will be in addition to your original student-rate payment. The STAUME covers for the difference of $680-$400=$280 for members, and STAUNM covers for the difference of $850-$500=$350 for non-members.


Authors may not cancel, but can transfer their registration to another co-author or attendee under extenuating circumstances by informing the chairs. All other cancellations incur a US $50 cancellation fee until Aug 6, 2012, after which there will be no refunds.